Welcome to the College of Life Science and Technology.

Our College traces its roots to 1980 when the University established the Department of Bioengineering as one of its top priority areas of development in education and research.

Our College brings together dedicated faculty members and experts from numerous disciplines to educate new generations of pioneers in life sciences and grow their wisdom to produce big ideas and novel technology that enhance the lives and health of humanity.

Our mission is to advance human lives and health through creative education and active learning, generation of disruptive ideas and disruptive technology to enable disruptive engineering and disruptive science, and translation of discoveries and technology in life sciences to have great impacts on the society.

At the College, our experienced faculty members (approximately 150) not only teach knowledge to more than 2000students but also help students gain the ability to apply the knowledge, to explore the unknowns, and to create new knowledge. Here students will be constantly growingtheirwisdom that can benefit them for the rest of their lives.

The College is very strong in biomedical engineering and biology. Importantly, the College focuses on cross-disciplinary education and research that break down the barriers between biomedical engineering and biology and merge the two to create new directions and emerging fields of research.

If your goal is to get the best education in life sciences, to gain the ability to create knowledge and technology in life sciences, and to make a positive difference in the world, the College of Life Science and Technology is the best place for you.We welcome talented students to join us in this friendly and diverse community.

Wang Ning,ScD