The college has a first-class faculty, of which a majority have oversea experiences and are below 45 years. There are 146 full-time faculty members, 58 full professors and 45 associate professors with Ph.D. degree. The faculty includes 2 members of American Association for the Advancement of Science, 5 in National Thousands of People Plan, 5 Yangtze River Distinguished Scholars and National Distinguished Junior Scientists, 3 National Distinguished Young Scientists, 9 in National Thousands of Youth Plan, 1 awarded as the National Distinguished Young Scholar, 2 in National Plan of Young Talents, 14 as the Ministry of Education Cross-century Excellent Talents, 12 Hubei Chutian scholars and 2 Outstanding Teachers of Hubei Province. In addition, there are 1 research team recognized nationally as the Innovative Leading Teams by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, 1 national level teaching team, 1 training base of 111 Plan by the Minister of Education and 2 research teams as the Innovative Leading Teams by Hubei Province. The College has also recruited a number of renown adjunct professors oversea and from business.


Associate Professors


Name Title Phone E-mail
Ao Mingzhang Associate Professor 86(27)13971022548
Chen, Weihua Professor 15827354263
Chen Weihua Professor 15827354263
Chen Liming Professor 027-87794006
Chang Junli Lecturer (027) 87792274
Chen Mingjie Associate Professor 0086-27-87792275-809,
CHEN Wei Associate Professor (027)87793863
Fu Chunhua Associate Professor 86(27)87792432
Gao Shangbang Professor (027)87792025
Gan Lu Professor 86-27- 87792147
Hong Ling Professor 027-87792510
Huang Siluo Lecture 13720184349
He Xiaojing Professor 00
He Guangyuan Professor (027)87792271
JIANG XINNONG Associate Professor +86 15907197282
Jin Wenwen Lecture 86-27-87792264
Jiang Tao Associate Professor 13886074443
Jing Wang professors 13476223902
Jia Haibo Professor 02787792072
Ke Tie Associate Professor (027)87794549
Liu Bo Associate Professor (027)87793863
Liu, Bifeng Professor +86-27-87792203
Lu Qun-Wei Professor (027)87792148
Liu Zhi Professor 17710492488
Liu JingYu Professor +86-27-87793431
Luo Liang Professor 027-65526252
Liu Xin Professor +86-27-87793180
Liu JianMiao Professor 027-87792024
Li Zifu Professor 86-13971372056
Li Maoteng Professor 86-27-87792432
Li Hui Associate Professor (027)87792649
Liu Mugen Professor 862787794549
Lu Mingbo Associate Professor (027)87792432
Luo Zhiqiang Professor 15072396671
Liu Wei Professor 86-27-87792147
Li Wei Associate Professor 027-87792432
Liu Ying Associate Professor 027-87794006
Liu Jianfeng Professor 0086-27-87792031
Ma Cong Professor 027-87793102
Ma Fuying Associate Professor 86-27-87792108
Ma Jun Associate Professor (027)-87792216
Meng Fanling Associate Professor 86-27-65526252
Ning Kang Professor +86-27-87793041
Nicola D’Ascenzo Professor 027-87792294
Ren Xiang Associate Professor 87792649
Ren Bowen Professor 027-87793535
Su Li Professor 027-87792271
Tian Wei Professor 00
Tu Zhiming Associate professor (027)87792073-208;
Tu Xin Professor 86 27 87792649
Valeri Saveliev Professor 027-87792294
Wang Longhui Lecturer ++86-27-8779-2366
Wang Sheng Associate Professor 86-27-87793053
Wang Chenhui Professor 159-2746-0122
Wu Zheng-Xing Professor 027-87792337
Weng Jun Associate Professor 027-87792649
WANG YAN Associate Professor 86(27) 87792025
Wang Yuesheng Associate Professor 0086-27-87792275-809
Wang, Qing Professor and Dean (027) 8779-3502
Wan Jiangling Associate Professor 027-87792234
Wang Jianglin Professor +86-02787792216
XU LI Associate Professor (86) 13476252287
Xu Chengqi Associate Professor (86)-27-87793502
Xiao Peng Professor 027-87792294
Xue Yu Professor +86-27-87793172
Xie Qingguo Professor 86-27-87793080
Yi Ping Associate Professor 027-87792024 pingy@
Yang Guangxiao Professor +86-27-87792273
Yang Guang Professor 027-87793523
Yu Hongbo Associate Professor (86)13871578068; 86-27-87792108
Yang Ying Associate Professor 87792432
Yuchi Ming Associate Professor ++86-27-87792366
Yan Jinyong Associate Professor 86-27-87792214-12
Zhang Shengmin Professor +86 27 8779 2216
Zhao Yuan-Di Professor (027)87792202
Zhu Min Associate professor (027)87792432
Zhang Yan Associate Professor 86-27-87792147
Zhang Xianqin Professor 86-27-87795906
Zhao Chun Fang Associate Professor +86-27-87792432
Zhang Chun Associate Professor 86(27)-87792147
Zhou Lei Associate Professor 0086-(0)27-87792216
Zhang Xiaoyu Professor 86-27-87792128
Zhao Yan Bing Associate Professor 86-15327389297
Zhang Luoying Professor 00
Zhang Xinjun Professor 00
Zhu Junming Associate Professor 86-13971478866
ZENG XIAOMEI Associate Professor 027-87792649
Zhu Bin Professor 86-18154323093
Zhang, Houjin Professor 027-87793085
Zhang Xuming Associate Professor ++86-27-87792366
Zhang Rongying Professor 86-15971432599
Zhou Peng-peng Associate Professor 15327418252,13349970852
Zhang Yuexuan Professor 027-87793010
Zhu Yan Hong Associate Professor 86-27-87792147
Zhou Qibing Professor 86-27-87792147