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Academic Areas: Bioresouce and Biotechnology;

Research Interests: Bioresource Technology and Green Manufacturing

Academic Degrees

PhD in Biomedical Engineering, 2001, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

M.S in Biomedical Engineering, 1991, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

B.S in Biomechanics, 1988, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Professional Experience

Professor (1999-),Huazhong University of Science and Technology, College of Life Science and Technology.

Associate Professor (1996-1999), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Department of Bioengineering.

Lecturer (1993-1996), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Department of Bioengineering.

Assistant(1988-1993), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Department of Bioengineering.

Selected Publications

1. Dong YS, Duan WL, He HX, Su P, Zhang M, Song GH, Fu CH*, Yu LJ*. Enhancing taxane biosynthesis in cell suspension culture of Taxus chinensis by overexpressing the neutral/alkaline invertase gene. Process Biochemistry, 2015, 50(4): 651-660

2. Dong YS, Fu CH, Su P, Xu XP, Yuan J, Wang S, Zhang M, Zhao CF, Yu LJ*. Mechanisms and well-control of physiological browning phenomena in plant cell cultures. Physiologia Plantarum, 2015,156(1): 13-28

3. Zhang CY, Dong YS, Li YL, Fu CH*, Zhao CF, Yu LJ*. Unstructured models for suspension cultures of Taxus media cells in a bioreactor under substrate-sufficient. Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2013, 71: 62-71

4. Li ST, Zhang P, Zhang M, Fu CH, Zhao CF, Dong YS, Guo AY, Yu LJ*. Transcriptional profile of Taxus chinensis cells in response to methyl jasmonate. BMC Genomics, 2012, 13(1): 295- 306

5. Li ST, Fu CH, Zhang M,Zhang Y, Xie S, Yu LJ*. Enhancing Taxol Biosynthesis by Overexpressing a 9-Cis-Epoxycarotenoid Dioxygenase Gene in Transgenic Cell Lines of Taxus chinensis.Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 2012, 30(5): 1125-1130

6. Fu CH, Li LQ, Wu WJ, Li MT, Yu XQ, Yu LJ*. Assessment of genetic and epigenetic variation during long-term Taxus cell culture. Plant Cell Reports, 2012, 31 (7): 1321-1331

7. Liu H, Jin WW*, Fu CH, Dai PF, Yu YT, Huo Q, Yu LJ*. Discovering anti-osteoporosis constituents of maca (Lepidium meyenii) by combined virtual screening and activity verification. Food Research International, 2015,77:215-220

8. Gao H, Ao MZ, Wang HY, Yu LJ*. Rapamycin Represses Myotube Hypertrophy and Preserves Viability of C2C12 Cells During Myogenesis In Vitro.Transplantation, 2014,98: 139-147

9. Wang HY, Ao MZ, Wu JY, Yu LJ*. TNFa and Fas/FasL pathways are involved in 9-Methoxycamptothecin-induced apoptosis in cancer cells with oxidative stress and G2/M cell cycle arrest. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2013, 55:396-410

10.Song W, Ao MZ, Shi Y,Yuan LF, Yuan XX, Yu LJ*. Interaction between phillygenin and human serum albumin based on spectroscopic and molecular docking. Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 2012,85: 120-126

11.Liao N,Ao MZ, Zhang P,Yu LJ*. Extracts of Lycoris aurea Induce Apoptosis in Murine Sarcoma S180 Cells.Molecules, 2012,17: 3723-3735

12.Pei Fan, Feng He, Ying Yang, Mingzhang Ao, Jie Ouyang, Yi Liu, Longjiang Yu*. In-situ microbial degumming technology with Bacillus sp. HG-28 for industrial production of ramie fibers.Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2015, 97: 50–58.

13.Bai Y, Zhou PP, Fan P, Zhu YM, Tong Y, Wang HB, Yu LJ*. Four-stage dissolved oxygen strategy based on multi-scale analysis for improving spinosad yield by Saccharopolyspora spinosa ATCC49460. Microbial Biotechnology, 2015, 8:561-568

14.Chen W, Ma L, Zhou PP, Zhu YM,Wang XP, Luo XA, Bao ZD, Yu LJ*.A novel feedstock for biodiesel production: The application of palmitic acid from Schizochytrium. Energy, 2015,86:128-138

15.Zheng GH, Jin WW, Fan P, Feng XN, Bai Y, Tao T*, Yu LJ*.A novel method for detecting amino acids derivatized with phenyl isothiocyanate by high-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2015, 396: 1-6

16.Wang HB, He F, Lu MB, Zhao CF, Xiong L, Yu LJ*. High-quality lycopene overaccumulation via inhibition of gamma-carotene and ergosterol biosyntheses in Blakeslea trispora. Journal Of Functional Foods, 2014,7:435-442

17.Wang HB, Luo J, Huang XY, Lu MB, Yu LJ*. Oxidative stress response of Blakeslea trispora induced by H2O2 during beta-carotene biosynthesis. Journal Of Industral Microbiology& Biotechnology, 2014,41(3): 555-561

18.Wei M, Bai Y, Ao MZ, Jin WW, Yu PP, Zhu M, Yu LJ*. Novel method utilizing microbial treatment for cleaner production of diosgenin from D. zingiberensis C.H. Wright (DZW). Bioresource Technology, 2013, 146:549-555

19.Zhu YM, Zhou PP, Hu JR, Zhang RJ, Ren L, Li MT, Ning F, Chen W, Yu LJ*. Characterization of Pythium transcriptome and gene expression analysis for different fermentation stage. Plos One, 2013, 8(6): 10454-10461

20.Lu ZD, Wei M, Yu LJ*. Enhancement of pilot scale production of l(+)-lactic acid by fermentation coupled with separation using membrane bioreactor. Process Biochemistry, 2012,47:410-415

21.Lu ZD, Lu MB, He F,Yu LJ*. An economical approach for D-lactic acid production utilizing unpolished rice from aging paddy as major nutrient source. Bioresource Technology, 2009, 100(6):2026-2031

22.He F,Yang Y,Yang G,Yu LJ*. Studies on antibacterial activity and antibacterial mechanism of a novelpolysaccharide from Streptomyces virginia H03. Food Control, 2010, (21): 1257-1262

23.Li W, Chen WS, Zhou PP,Yu LJ*. Influence of enzyme concentration on bio-sequestration of CO2 in carbonate form using bacterial carbonic anhydrase. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2013,232: 149-156

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25.Li W, Liu LP, Chen WS, Yu LJ*, Li WB, Yu HZ. Calcium carbonate precipitation and crystal morphology induced by microbial carbonic anhydrase and other biological factors. Process Biochemistry, 2010,45(6): 1017-1021

Courses Taught

0703091 Introduction to biotechnology (undergraduate)

0700893 Cell Biology (undergraduate)

0701093 Fermentation engineering (undergraduate)

1301352 Scientific research and training in biotechnology (undergraduate)

170.573 Biosynthesis and natural products (graduate)

170.901 Trends in Microbiology (graduate)

170.507 Research progress of life science and technology (graduate)


1. Industrialization of taxol and its precursor production from the branches and leaves of taxus , Civil horizontal project, 2016-2021

2. Studies on the synthetic biology of the effective way of the taxol mother nucleus (20120142130009), Doctoral Scientific Fund Project of the Ministry of Education of China, 2013-2015

3. Plant cell culture and large scale transformation(2008BAI63B04), National Science and technology support program, 2009-2012

4. Regulation of secondary metabolites in plant cells by inducible expression of transcription factors, Natural Science Foundation of China, 2008-2010

5. Maca standard cultivation, processing and a series of new product development, Civil horizontal project, 2013-2018

6. Research on high strength fermentation technology for the production of polyunsaturated fatty acids ARA and DHA. National Programs for High Technology Research and Development (863 Program). 2014-2016

7. Research on metabolic regulation mechanism of high yield EPA in rot fungus. Natural Science Foundation of China. 2010-2012

8. Microbial cell transformation and biosynthesis of important physiological active substances. National Programs for High Technology Research and Development (863 Program). 2007.01-2010.12

9. Research and demonstration of cleaner production technology of hemp fiber. National Science and technology support program. 2014-2017

10. Cleaner production of high quality Ramie by biological Degumming technology and High value utilization of waste. Major projects of Hubei Province. 2011-2014

11. New production process for High quality Ramie fiber and Recycling of waste water. Key project of science and technology research of Hubei Province. 2009-2011

12. Research on new cleaner production technology for diosgenin by microbial technology. Major innovation project of Hubei Province. 2013-2015

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