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Academic Areas: Epigenetics and Cancer Biology

Research Interests: The mechanisms of tumorigenesis and cancer metastasis; identification of new targets to overcome drug resistance; identification of diagnostic and prognostic markers for cancer patients

Academic Degrees

Ph.D.  Cell Biology, The Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing, China, 2008

M.S. Biotechnology, Northwest A&F University, Shannxi, China, 2005

B.S. Animal Sciences, Northwest A&F University, Shannxi, China, 2002

Professional Experience

Professor (2017-present); College of Life Science and Technology, HuaZhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.

Instructor (2014-2017)The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA.

Post-doc Fellow (2010-2014); The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA.

Research Assistant Professor (2008-2010); Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China.

Selected Publications

1. Zhang, P.J.*, Xiao, Z.N.,Wang S.Y., Zhang M.T., Wei Y.K., Kim J.C., Yao F., Cristian Rodriguez-Aguayo C., Hang Q.L., Ma L. ZRANB1 Is an EZH2 Deubiquitinase and a Potential Therapeutic Target in Breast Cancer. (Under revision on Cancer Cell)

2. Zhang, P.J., Wei, Y.K., Wang, L., Debeb, B.G., Yuan, Y., Zhang, J.S., Yuan, J.S., Wang, M., Chen, D.H., Sun, Y.T., Woodward, W.A., Liu, Y.Q., Dean, D.C., Liang, H., Hu, Y., Ang, K.K., Hung, M-C., Chen, J.J., Ma, L. (2014) ATM-mediated stabilization of ZEB1 promotes DNA damage response and radioresistance through CHK1. Nature Cell Biology, 16, 864-875.

3. Zhang, P.J., Wang L., Rodriguez-Aguayo C., Yuan Y., Debeb, B.G., Chen, D.H., Sun Y.T., You, M.J., Liu, Y.Q., Dean, D.C., Woodward, W.A., Liang, H., Yang, X.B., Lopez-Berestein, G., Sood, A.K., Hu, Y., Ang, K.K., Chen, J.J., Ma, L. (2014) miR-205 acts as a tumor radiosensitizer by targeting ZEB1 and Ubc13. Nature Communications. 2014 Dec 5; 5:5671. doi: 10.1038/ncomms6671.


4. Zhang, P.J., Sun, Y.T., Ma, L. (2015) ZEB1: At the crossroads of epithelial-mesenchymal transition, metastasis and therapy resistance. Cell Cycle, 14:4, 481-487.

5. Wang, L., *Zhang, P.J., *Molkentine, D.P., Piao, H.L., Chen, C.Y., Molkentine, J.M., Zhang, J.S., Valdecanas, D.R., Thames, H., Skinner, H., Buchholz, T.A., Chen, J.J., Ma, L., Mason, K., Ang, K.K., Jr, R.M. (2017) Discovery of Trip12 as a novel mediator of HPV/p16 related radiation enhancement effects. Oncogene, 36, 820-28. *Contributed equally to this work

6. Zhang, J.S.,  Zhang, P,J., Wei, Y.K., Piao, H.L., Wang, W.Q., Maddika, S., Wang, M., Chen, D.H., Sun, Y.T., Hung M-C., Chen, J.J., Ma, L. (2013) Deubiquitylation and stabilization of PTEN by USP13. Nature Cell Biology 15, 1486-1494.

7. Chen, D.H., Sun, Y.T., Yuan, Y., Han, Z., Zhang, P.J.Zhang, J.S., You, M.J., Teruya-Feldstein, J., Wang, M., Gupta, S., Hung, M-C., Liang, HMa, L. (2014) miR-100 induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition but suppresses tumorigenesis, migration and invasion. PLOS Genetics 10, e1004177

8. Chen, D.H., Sun, Y.T., Wei, Y.K., Zhang, P.J.,Rezaeian, A.H., Teruya-Feldstein, J., Gupta, S., Liang, H., Lin, H-K.,Hung, M-C., Ma, L. (2012) LIFR is a breast cancer metastasis suppressor upstream of the Hippo-YAP pathway and a prognostic marker. Nature Medicine 18, 1511-1517.

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