The School of Life Science and Technology has own characteristics on the scientific research. There are two key discipline including Biomedical engineering and biology. The biomedical engineering (BME) discipline is one of the founding members of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering and has been ranked as the first class discipline by the Chinese government. It distinguishes itself with unique specialties and expertise and was ranked the third best in the country by Chinese Ministry of Education in 2012. The BME discipline focuses on the studies of the brain, cancer and cerebro-cardiovascular diseases to develop innovative technologies and state-of-art equipment with photo-electronics, photon informatics and nanotechnology. Our biology discipline has been selected as the key development program for the National “211” Project and National “985” Project in China. Among the discipline, the biophysics program has been ranked as the national key discipline and biotechnology has been ranked as the national priority program. The biology discipline has been consistently elected as the key discipline in Hubei Province. Our faculty members have published 11 papers in top-notch journals including Nature, Science, Cell, Nat Genet, Nat Methods, Nat Struct Mol Biol, Nat Chem Biol and Nat Comm.